About us

BirdsThe main goal of JUSTSEA is to carry out research in order to protect fauna, flora, and their environments as well as their natural processes and ecological dynamics. With this in mind, through research studies and management strategies, we support the creation or modification of national, regional, and international policies related to the sustainable use of biological and genetic diversity.

Another aim of the Foundation is to create effective mechanisms and strategies to mitigate or prevent anthropogenic activities that affect the health of biological systems, with a special focus on the ecosystems, habitats, and critical biological corridors that are important for the foraging and reproduction of wild populations.


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The Foundation, through its work, benefits the permanence of biological diversity and ecological processes in the short, medium, and long terms by helping to maintain the resilience required to tolerate the stresses caused by anthropogenic factors.

The generation of knowledge about the environment and its biological components allows for the creation of relationships of coexistence based on respect and fair treatment for all living beings. Moreover, awareness of conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources promote the development of human communities.