Our Newest Book! Advances in Research Techniques for the Study of Sea Turtles

Editors: Juan M. Rguez-Baron, Maria Monica Lara Uc & Rafael Riosmena Rodriguez

Over the last four decades, threats from anthropogenic activities – such as Bycatch, modification or destruction of critical habitats, and use or consumption of products from turtles – along with inherent life history features of sea turtles have declined severely in population sizes. Recently, through modern research techniques, we have learned some important aspects of taxonomy, ecology and biology of these animals; those findings revealed the role of sea turtles in their ecosystems, migratory patterns, habitat use and the main population hotspots and conservation units. This book aims to address the current situation on sea turtle research, to provide an overview of the newest tools and techniques for research, but at the same time provide key elements on management of sea turtles and how they can be used for conservation purposes. Through the detailed description of each technique and case studies that this book contains, students, researchers and academics can properly raise their research questions and experimental designs, which consequently enable them to obtain results comparable to those reported in studies from journals of high impact.

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